Our Core Tenets



At A-LIGN, everything we do is anchored in our commitment and dedication to our clients – which is why we’re invested in a passionate, professional, and results-driven culture. We expect each and every member of our team to share our universal commitment to excellence, and dedication to the success of our clients.


Do the right thing, always.
We believe integrity is everything. Our open, honest, and transparent approach to work is the single most important way we support our clients and ensure success across our team. This core value is a pillar for our culture of responsibility, accountability, and unparalleled delivery.


Commit to quality.
The level of service we deliver to our clients represents more than our expertise – it’s an extension of our identity as a business. Each member of the A-LIGN team is committed to delivering the highest standard of work, and seeks to strengthen client relationships with every audit, assessment, and interaction.


Be all in.
What does it mean to “be all in”? At A-LIGN, it means picking up the phone the first time it rings. It means delivering on commitments for our clients no matter what. It means having necessary conversations, even if they are painful. It means finding as many ways as possible to bring value to our clients. While the words are simple – the meaning is monumental. In short – commit fully, engage fully. Together we can move mountains.


Innovate constantly.
At A-LIGN, we seek to nurture an agile and forward-thinking culture by cultivating an environment where innovation is prioritized and inquisitive team members are challenged to pursue better, smarter approaches to servicing our clients.



Success for A-LIGN is at the confluence of human and technological achievement, joining forces to provide our clients with unprecedented service and our employees with unprecedented opportunities. At A-LIGN, we dedicate our time and energy into the people and technology components of our vision which translates into a superior customer experience for our clients.