HITRUST Assessment Types & HITRUST Integration with SOC 2

Don’t make the climb to compliance more difficult than it has to be. With a comprehensive framework for organizations of any size, system or regulatory requirement, the HITRUST CSF allows for organizations to easily assess their current compliance while providing implementation requirements based on an organization’s risk…

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Understanding the HITRUST Specification and Scoring

HITRUST’s Risk Management Framework In order for an organization to better assess potential risks and create safeguards for adequate protection of potentially sensitive information, HITRUST has created a comprehensive risk management framework that supports a basic 4-step process: Identify risks and define the protection requirements Specify controls Implement and manage…

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The Challenges Facing Healthcare & How HITRUST Can Help

The Healthcare industry currently faces strict regulatory needs, causing many challenges when considering the options for risk management and mitigation. These challenges include but are not limited to: Inconsistent implementation of acceptable minimum controls. Inefficiencies associated with varying interpretation of control objectives and safeguards. Increasing scrutiny from regulators, auditors, underwriters,…

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