Wireless Network Testing


Wireless technology continues to grow in deployment and use, with WiFi access points growing at a massive rate. Wireless technologies introduce new security challenges for organizations and pose opportunities for attackers. A wireless network assessment will help an organization identify vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that may leave them open to an attack.

About Wireless Network Testing

A wireless network assessment identifies the wireless access points and components that can be discovered and connected to, as well as the potential vulnerabilities in the network. Our penetration testers begin testing by locating access points, mapping the environment to identify vulnerabilities, and then attempting to exploit these vulnerabilities.

A-LIGN can conduct a Wireless Network Assessment where A-LIGN’s penetration testers will attempt to identify and leverage any vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that may allow unintended access to the organization’s wireless networks, systems, and data. From there, testers attempt to escalate privileges to gain access to company resources to simulate a malicious or compromised wireless network and/or user to determine if the wireless network is subject to malicious attacks.

Wireless Network Testing Solutions Tailored to Your Company

Choosing A-LIGN as your partner in receiving a wireless network test benefits your organization by:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities that may lead to compromise of your network environment
  • Providing actionable recommendation to enhance controls before an attack occurs
  • Testing your organization’s ability to detect and respond to an attack

The A-LIGN Edge

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