A-LIGN Whitepaper

9 Critical Payroll Pain Points and What Payroll Professionals Should Do About Them?

Dr. Daniel Selby, PhD, CPA, CISA, professor-in-residence at A-LIGN, has written this whitepaper to inform payroll professionals on nine issues that are critical to their ability to process payroll. More importantly, this whitepaper provides strategies that can help payroll professionals proactively mitigate these critical issues.

The issues critical to payroll discussed in this whitepaper are:

  1. Undocumented Best Practices
  2. Employer Compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  3. Inaccurate Taxpayer Data
  4. Third-Party Program Sick-Pay and Disability Administration
  5. Delinquent Tax Code Changes
  6. Inconsistent Application of Controversial Court Rulings across Domiciles
  7. Employee Privacy Issues
  8. Employee Self Service
  9. Employer Mergers and Acquisitions

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