Featured CLIMBER: Bryce Vokus

Featured CLIMBER: Bryce Vokus

Employees at A-LIGN take many different paths throughout their journey – that’s why we sat down with Bryce Vokus, A-LIGN’s IT System Administrator, to discuss how he began his career at A-LIGN, the most rewarding part of his role and more! Read below for all the details.  

Where are you from, and how did you begin your career at A-LIGN? 

I was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida. I attended Florida State University where I earned a degree in Computer Science. After I graduated, I began working remotely for Apple, and my wife, Katie, started working at A-LIGN, so we moved down to the Tampa area. Katie was traveling to Denver for A-LIGN’s annual team building and training event, CLIMB, and I tagged along with her. It was at that time that I got to see how everyone interacted with one another, and it was a really great group of people. At a team dinner where they announced the annual value awards, everyone was cheering for each other and seemed extremely supportive of one another. Ever since that trip, I knew A-LIGN was the place that I wanted to work. It took a couple of years, but I finally saw a job opening that interested me, so I applied for it, and the rest is history! 

Tell me about your role as IT System Administrator at A-LIGN. 

My main role is to help our employees, specifically in the US and Panama, with any technical issues they are experiencing. Additionally, I help with bigger projects, like our OneDrive to Teams and SharePoint migration, our email signatures, and some of our conditional access policies. Lastly, a major part of my role is helping to onboard our new employees. I really enjoy meeting all the new CLIMBERs. It’s a great balance day-to-day working with people as well as working on more IT-specific projects. 

How would you describe A-LIGN in one word? 

Unique. We have a unique, fun culture, and we’re all really close. I even golf with my boss on the weekends, which I don’t think is very common in most workplaces. Many of us are friends outside of work, so it makes it a lot more enjoyable when you truly enjoy being around the people you work with. 

What is the best part about working at A-LIGN? 

The company culture. We have a fun, fast-paced working environment, and everyone is always there to help you out when you need it. It feels great to have such a strong, supportive team to work with. I’ve felt welcomed and supported from the start, so it makes it fun, and I’ve learned a lot, which I appreciate as I progress in my career and get to where I want to be. 

What have you gained professionally from working at A-LIGN? 

I’ve gained experience being in a corporate environment which is something that I wasn’t used to before. Additionally, I’ve gained experience working with many different people, and now I’m able to handle multiple projects at once, and be the point of contact for any technical issues for all 400 US and Panama based employees. It’s been challenging, but it’s been a fun challenge and I’ve learned a lot from it. 

 What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

The most rewarding part of my job is fixing an issue that is causing someone heartache or a lot of problems, and just being there to “save the day.” Whether it’s something as simple as restarting the computer, or a super technical in-depth fix, being able to help and support people get their jobs done and making their job less stressful is really rewarding. Especially when there are issues I might not know how to solve right away, but we end up learning together and fixing it together and that’s a really cool aspect of my role. 

What is a work-related accomplishment that you’re proud of? 

When I started at A-LIGN, I was a Junior IT Systems Administrator, and I don’t think there were too high of expectations for me to take on that many projects. However, I took this as an opportunity to learn as much as I could, and after a couple months of learning and getting the hang of the day-to-day tasks, my leadership team gave me a chance and gave me more responsibilities than they had originally anticipated. It was encouraging that they believed in me and were willing to give me a chance, so I’m really proud of how much I’ve grown and how many more projects I’ve been able to handle. 

Which of our values (Be All In, Commit to Quality, Do the Right Thing Always, Innovate Constantly) do you identify with most and why? 

Innovate constantly. One of the things I enjoy most about my job is that when I see a policy or procedure that we have that is outdated, or just could be better or more efficient, I can be innovative and change it to improve the process. An example of this is the automation we’ve implemented in our onboarding process. Before, it was a very manual process of having to type in everyone’s information, but now we have it automated so that everything is created and populated within a couple of seconds. So, I would definitely say innovating constantly is the value I identify with most, and it’s also just something we have to do in IT with how quickly things change in the technology industry. 

What do you do for fun outside of work? 

I enjoy running, golfing, and going to Lightning games in my free time. In high school, I ran cross country, and then continued running throughout college. Now, I run for fun and do a few 5Ks here and there. I also really enjoy golfing, and as I mentioned before, my boss and I golf together almost every weekend, which is really fun! Lastly, I am a diehard Lightning fan and try to go to as many games as possible. Especially since Amalie Arena is so close to our office, I have to go! Go bolts! 

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