GDPR Toolkit

We continue to receive questions from organizations trying to understand how they can get ahead of the privacy curve, comply with GDPR standards and avoid the fallout that organizations like Facebook have faced with their privacy standards.

To service those needs and provide our clients and any organization concerned about how the privacy landscape will impact their organization, its clients, and its ability to do business, our privacy team has assembled the GDPR Toolkit, which contains the following resources:

  • DPA Questionnaire
  • Data Mapping Exercise
  • Processor’s Checklist
  • Controller’s Checklist
  • Helpful Links
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The GDPR applies to the EU as a means of giving residents control of their personal data and simplifies the regulatory environment for international business within the EU.


The EU can fine up to 4% of revenue for breaches of privacy without an upward cap.


There are 3 key steps to achieving GDPR compliance: evaluate overall readiness, identify gaps, and remediate gaps.