Audit Automation and Compliance Management Software 

The A-SCEND compliance management solution brings together user-friendly software and years of multi-framework audit experience into a single SaaS application designed to bring you through the entire audit experience – from readiness to report.  

Built by our auditing experts, and inspired by our clients, our A-SCEND platform is used during all audits to: 

  • Streamline the audit process by centralizing evidence collection
  • Standardize compliance requests across multiple security frameworks
  • Consolidate audits to minimize expenses and improve productivity 
  • Automate your SOC 2 or HIPAA Readiness Assessment

How A-SCEND Works

The Benefits of A-SCEND

Faster Reports
Automated Audit Readiness
Auditor Support

Faster Reports

It’s your security and compliance reports and certifications that inspire trust with customers and set you apart from competitors. Software-only solutions get you started on the audit journey but can’t see you through the entire process. We have years of audit experience, powerful technology and a dedicated audit staff to deliver a powerful and streamlined audit experiences. 

Automated Audit Readiness

You know that awful moment when your auditor tells you the evidence gathered isn’t adequate for compliance or certification? That doesn’t happen with A-LIGN. We are with you through the entire audit process from readiness to report and help you get evidence collection right the first time.  Starting your first audit? You can get ready with our Automated SOC 2 Readiness Assessment or HIPAA Readiness Assessment through A-SCEND.

Auditor Support

When we designed A-SCEND, we applied knowledge and experience from thousands of compliance reports and certifications we’ve issued. We know all the ins and outs of a variety of security and compliance frameworks. The combination of this knowledge with the advanced technology of A-SCEND make it the most effective end-to-end compliance management solution on the market. 

A-SCEND is hands-down the best evidence collection portal being used by any auditing firm today.”

Brian Kline

Principal, Webb Adams


2.5M+ Pieces of Evidence
7.5K+ Projects Completed
2.5K+ Clients