ISO 22301

Prevent, minimize and recover from disruptive incidents with ISO 22301 certification.

Your clients rely on your operations running smoothly. That’s why it’s important to prove you are ready for anything thrown your way. If you are looking for an efficient and sustainable approach to business continuity, A‑LIGN can help you achieve ISO 22301 certification.

A‑LIGN will help you protect your organization against the threats that could affect your business the most, from supplier failures and IT disasters, to the impact of inclement weather or global pandemics.

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Be Prepared for Any Unexpected Event

Disruptions are a fact of business. Whether it’s due to weather, technical hiccups, personnel changes, or something else, there are no shortage of pitfalls to trip up your business’ day-to-day activities.

The ISO 22301 standard provides a framework for your organization to plan, establish, implement, monitor, review, maintain, and continually improve your business continuity management system (BCMS).

The Benefits of ISO 22301 Certification:

  • Earns customer trust by demonstrating you have developed, planned and tested your BCMS
  • Gains insight into your organization’s policies, procedures and security practices before an incident occurs
  • Reduces downtime and helps you resume business operations in a fast and efficient manner when an incident occurs

ISO 22301 Services

ISO 22301 Pre-Assessment
ISO 22301 Stage 1 Audit
ISO 22301 Stage 2 Audit
ISO 22301 Surveillance Audit

ISO 22301 Pre-Assessment

Are you undergoing ISO 22301 certification for the first time? Our pre-assessment is designed for you. We simulate the certification audit by performing a review of your company’s scope, policies, procedures, and processes to review any gaps that may require remediation.

ISO 22301 Stage 1 Audit

We review your company’s documentation and processes to confirm that it follows the ISO 22301 standard and check to see that required activities have been completed prior to the second stage of your audit.


ISO 22301 Stage 2 Audit

Is your system conformed to the ISO 22301 standard? Let us test and confirm. This portion of the audit will include interviews, inspection of documented evidence, and process observation.

ISO 22301 Surveillance Audit

Once certification is achieved, we conduct annual surveillance audits to ensure your ongoing conformity with the ISO 22301 standard to give you the peace of mind that your systems and processes can handle any future incidents.


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A-LIGN represents the highest quality of customer service and professionalism in the IT arena. We have utilized them on multiple occasions to perform penetration testing and ISO auditing, and each time it has been a phenomenally organized, well-executed engagement.”


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