Win more business and stand out from the competition with FedRAMP Ready status and ATO (Authorization to Operate).

FedRAMP is specifically for cloud products and services used by federal agencies to store, process and transmit federal information in the cloud.

If you are a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) currently providing, or seeking to provide, services to federal agencies, A-LIGN can make your FedRAMP process seamless. We will support you during your entire FedRAMP journey, from readiness to authorization.


fedramp certified

Gain ATO From a Top FedRAMP Assessor

As a CSP, you must implement the appropriate FedRAMP controls before you can begin the FedRAMP authorization process.  

As an accredited FedRAMP 3PAO (Third Party Assessment Organization) and one of the top 5 FedRAMP assessors in the world, we help organizations achieve both FedRAMP Ready status and full authorization. 

The Benefits of FedRAMP Authorization:

  • Enables your organization to do business with the Federal government 
  • Proves that you meet federal requirements for cloud services 
  • Satisfies multiple federal requirements with one FedRAMP assessment 

FEDRAMP Services

FedRAMP Advisory
FedRAMP Preparation
FedRAMP Authorization
FedRAMP Continuous Monitoring

Consulting & Program Assistance

Our independent team of FedRAMP advisors helps your organization prepare for your upcoming FedRAMP assessment and authorization. We assist with implementing appropriate controls, documenting control implementation within the SSP package, and consulting assistance throughout the FedRAMP process.

Readiness Assessment

We review your environment and determine if it is technically capable of meeting FedRAMP requirements resulting in a FedRAMP Readiness Assessment Report (RAR). This assessment can be used to understand technical gaps, be submitted to FedRAMP to achieve the FedRAMP “Ready” designation on the Marketplace, or used to apply for JAB Sponsorship.

Security Assessment

We ensure you have the proper controls in place and assess them to ensure you meet FedRAMP requirements by using Federal Information Process Standard (FIPS) Models for low, moderate, or high-impact organizations.


Annual Assessments

We provide manual assessments that include penetration testing, select control assessments, systems scanning, and more to ensure your organization has maintained compliance with FedRAMP requirements.

Significant Change Request Assessments

We review and assess any significant changes that may impact your compliance to FedRAMP requirements for FedRAMP authorized systems through SCR assessments as needed.


#4 Top FedRAMP Assessor
96% Client Satisfaction
75+ FedRAMP Assessments Completed

A-LIGN has been an asset as we navigate FedRAMP, PCI, and SOC 2. While they are our assessor, they have helped to guide us through the process. Our success has been greatly helped by A-LIGN. The various people with which we’ve worked have been incredibly knowledgeable and capable.”

Security and Risk Management Executive

Global Business Services Organization

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