Demonstrate you have the required safeguards in place to protect patient data.

Does your organization store, process, transmit, maintain, or touch protected patient health information? A-LIGN can help you become HIPAA compliant from readiness to report by leveraging our years of experience in the healthcare assessment space.

Let us assist you through all phases of your HIPAA compliance from reviewing the safeguards you have in place to validating your compliance within those safeguards.

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Build Trust with HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a federal law requiring organizations to keep patient data secure through uniform federal privacy protections for individually identifiable health information.

As an organization that handles electronic protected health information (ePHI), a HIPAA report will demonstrate you have the required safeguards in place to protect patient data.

The Benefits of HIPAA Compliance:

  • Prevents your company from falling under harsh financial penalties for failure to comply with the standards
  • Brings peace of mind to your customers

HIPPA Services

HIPAA Readiness Assessment
HIPAA Validation

HIPAA Readiness Assessment

For organizations that are uncertain if they are currently HIPAA compliant, or if they need a guide to help achieve compliance, we review the safeguards in place and identify areas where you can enhance your information security program.

HIPAA Validation

Either through a SOC 2 + HIPAA assessment, or a security assessment report, we validate your organization’s compliance against the HIPAA safeguards defined and issue a report regarding your level of compliance.



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