Automated Readiness Assessments

The Fastest Way to Achieving HIPAA Compliance

A-SCEND’s HIPAA Readiness Assessment is designed to make your organization’s HIPAA project easier through automation so you can assess how prepared you are before the audit begins. With our SaaS HIPAA Readiness Assessment, you not only benefit from getting ready in half the time, but you also gain the support of one of the top auditing firms in the healthcare assessment space.

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The Benefits of A-SCEND

Fast-Track HIPAA Compliance
Expert Advice
Fix Audit Gaps in Advance
Learn From a Top Healthcare Assessor
Share Progress with Your Team

Fast-Track HIPAA Compliance

The only SaaS compliance management solution that includes live auditor assistance, making it a fast and easy way to achieve HIPAA compliance. Everything you need to know and provide for a HIPAA assessment is laid out clearly in a language that you will understand, with clear questions and requests for evidence.

Get Expert Advice, On-Demand

You don’t want to trust your organization’s security and reputation to software alone. You will have access to experienced staff auditors to answer any questions you may have along the audit journey.

Fix Audit Gaps in Advance

Through the HIPAA Readiness Assessment you will gain a complete understanding of what policies, procedures, and system configurations will need remediation prior to achieving HIPAA compliance.

Learn From a Top Healthcare Assessor

A-LIGN is one of the top providers of HIPAA and HITRUST assessments. Our experience on hundreds of healthcare assessments has resulted in best practices, tips and tricks for getting your HIPAA compliance done quickly and affordably.

Share Progress with Your Team

At any point during the HIPAA Readiness process you can share your project status with an easy-to-read summary of project status, as well as what gaps you may need to remediate prior to gaining HIPAA compliance.


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