A-SCEND’s New Features Provide a Compliance Automation Solution from Readiness to Report 

As we look across the industry, with so many startups trying to ease the burden that compliance puts on resource-constrained security teams, we are proud to build upon the experience of our A-LIGN auditors with the introduction of new features in A-SCEND designed to streamline the audit process even more. A-LIGN’s customers have always been able to benefit from: 

  • Our deep experience in performing SOC 2 audits for 1,000’s of clients over many years 
  • Over 2,500 A-SCEND customers, 12,000 projects, 2 million pieces of evidence – all informing our product design and user experience 
  • An active bench of top-notch auditors using the product every day to collaborate with clients, answer questions, and execute seamless audits as quickly as possible 

The A-SCEND compliance management solution brings together user-friendly software with award-winning multi-framework audit and compliance experience into a single SaaS application designed to seamlessly bring you through the entire lifecycle, from readiness to final report.  

After countless development and quality assurance hours, we have exciting news that will greatly elevate our customer’s already positive audit experience. We’ve released new Continuous Monitoring and Automated Evidence Collection features to A-SCEND that will save you a great deal of time and resources during your audit process. 

Continuous Monitoring Reduces Potential Security Events 

Our new Continuous Monitoring feature is a critical capability for modern compliance management platforms, allowing you to monitor cloud-based systems and alert for non-compliance. A-SCEND will integrate with many other systems, check them at regular intervals, and trigger alerts when systems are in violation of a control.  

This is also a key part of any CISO’s playbook by automating the Prevention in a typical Prediction-Prevention-Detection-Response security lifecycle. 

Automated Evidence Collection Saves Time and Resources 

If continuous compliance is the feature that alerts you when a control is not being met, automated evidence collection packages that information for independent review by a third-party auditor. This feature dramatically reduces the time and effort that is required to collect audit evidence, associate it with the right controls, and post it for review by your auditor. 

What are the benefits of Continuous Monitoring Combined With Automated Evidence Collection? 

Continuous Monitoring and Automated Evidence Collection combined allows you to add automation to your audit with A-SCEND. While using our proprietary software, you have a ready-to-go, experienced audit staff to help educate you through the process. With the release of our two new features, A-SCEND enables you to get from readiness to report much faster! A-SCEND’s compliance automation solution enables you to: 

  • Save time by automatically pulling in required evidence.  
  • Correctly gather and submit evidence the first time around, saving your organization resources. 
  • Conduct your audit with a security-first mindset by providing auditor-readable evidence. 
  • Avoid long security questionnaires by repeatedly leveraging your final report to meet future business needs.   
  • Deliver a more complete and accurate report leveraging reusable evidence. 
  • Streamline the audit process by eliminating the need for multiple vendors.  

The Only End-to-End Compliance Software 

A-SCEND allows teams of all sizes across all industries to gain instant visibility into their compliance standing, create policies and manage evidence, all within one centralized platform. A-SCEND’s new features further streamline the audit process while letting your organization reach compliance faster. 

I want to hear from you!  If you have input, comments, ideas for upcoming releases, please reach out to [email protected]