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How Compliance Automation Software Streamlines Audit Efforts

Compliance audits take time and require dedicated resources. With 87% of organizations reporting they have no additional capacity due to inadequate staffing compliance efforts can easily fall by the wayside.  

However, there is a way to combat internal constraints without having to sacrifice compliance needs: adopting compliance automation software. 

In our 2022 Compliance Benchmark Report, we surveyed more than 700 cybersecurity, IT, quality assurance, internal audit, finance, and other professionals about their compliance programs to understand their organization’s position when it comes to improving their compliance management process. 

Below is what we learned about an increase in the adoption of compliance automation software.      

More Organizations are Using Compliance Automation Software  

One of the most significant changes in this year’s report is the large increase in the number of organizations using technology to assist with compliance efforts. Last year, only 25% of organizations we surveyed used software to prepare for their audits and assessments. In 2022, that number jumped to 72%.  

The two main reasons for this dramatic increase are: 

  • Increased awareness of compliance-related software 
  • A rise in auditor adoption and advocacy of compliance software 

Increased awareness of compliance-related software 

Buzz surrounding compliance-related software is growing. In the past year alone, this technology has been featured on multiple essential trends lists, drawing the attention of a larger audience.  

Like other tech-enabled solutions, compliance software allows companies to do more with less. These powerful tools can streamline the audit process and help organizations overcome resource deficits. A strong compliance automation software should be able to support an organization throughout the entire audit process, from readiness to report, instead of only focusing on the readiness portion. 

When selecting a compliance automation software, it is recommended that you look for one that offers:  

  • Automated readiness assessments   
  • Automated evidence collection  
  • Policy templates  
  • Auditor assistance when needed  
  • Cloud integrations  
  • Project dashboard  
  • Consolidated audit requests  
  • Continuous monitoring   

Note- Compliance automation software only takes you so far in the audit process and an experienced, licensed auditor is still needed to conduct the audit.   

Auditor adoption and advocacy  

It’s not just media attention shining a light on compliance automation software — sometimes, auditors promote these tools to their clients. Our survey found that 30% of organizations using compliance automation software were provided the software by their auditor.  

While auditors may have used compliance software in the past, it wasn’t always clear to those undergoing the audit. Now, increased advocacy among auditors could be why more companies are aware of compliance software’s role in the process — and their usage of this software.  

When organizations adopt technologies that seamlessly integrate into their end-to-end compliance management service, some organizations may not understand all of the features the software has to offer until later on down the line. Auditors are helping to bridge this gap, providing valuable insights to their customers in order for them to receive the full benefits of the tools in which they’ve invested.  

The Value of Compliance Automation Software  

Compliance automation software alleviates some of the most common compliance challenges. An increasing number of organizations have turned to software to combat limited staff resources, simplify evidence collection, and streamline the process of completing multiple audits.  

When we asked the participants of our 2022 Compliance Benchmark Survey how compliance automation software helps with the audit process, we found: 

  • 53% of respondents use compliance automation software to collect evidence required for an audit 
  • 44% of respondents use compliance automation software for project management 
  • 41% of respondents use compliance automation software to aid in proving compliance 

Getting Started with A-LIGN’s Compliance Automation     Software 

A-SCEND is A-LIGN’s award-winning compliance automation platform. The software can meet all of an organization’s compliance audit needs, reduce security threats year-round, and easily adjust to match the scale of an organization’s business as its compliance needs grow. Trusted by thousands of clients, A-LIGN is the only firm to offer readiness to report software and professional audit services under one roof.  

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Learn more about how organizations use compliance automation software: Download the 2022 A-LIGN Compliance Benchmark Report.