Job Opening:

Principal Software Engineer


The Principal Software Engineer works independently and collaboratively to execute department activities. In this role, you will be responsible for developing software architecture, sprint planning, technical breakdown of design artifacts into a WBS and/or Jura tickets, teaching developers, working with support personnel, and career development through mentorship. As the Principal Software Engineer, your work will help support the continued growth of our fast-paced company. A-LIGN will depend on you as the Principal Software Engineer to support management, maintain accountability, and other responsibilities.

REPORTS TO: VP of Engineering



  • Performs analysis and design duties independently with mastery.
  • Develops software architecture alone, if needed, and ensures the architecture's design is consistent with the overall design goals of A-SCEND.
  • Scopes work (pointing) as part of Sprint planning process.
  • Can develop wireframes or similar software designs independently.
  • Develop POC or mocks of technical components to show feasibility.
  • Communicates and reviews design concepts with stakeholders, takes input and refines where needed.
  • Performs technical break-down of design artifacts into WBS and/or Jira tickets
  • Writes code in more than 1 language with mastery.*or* has mastery with 1 or more software frameworks or stacks
  • Understands and promotes established design patterns (e.g. Gang of Four patterns, SOLID principles) in their code.
  • Teaches other developers recommended practices and patterns.
  • Proactively evaluates development practices, frameworks and tools looking to gain efficiency and resiliency in the dev cycle.
  • Responsible for code reviews for a large portion of development efforts.
  • Develops "bulletproof" methodologies, components, and framework additions that are used by other developers.
  • Looks at coding patterns to identify anti-patterns and correct them.
  • Fixes complex system-related defects as a form of escalation engineering.
  • Fixes complicated production issues as reported by other developers as an escalation point.
  • Works with support personnel and auditors to interactively resolve issues where needed.
  • Proactively looks for support issues using telemetry and designs system-level fixes where needed.
  • Proactively looks for usability concerns using telemetry.
  • Takes primary responsibility for the career development of one or more engineers through a formal mentoring arrangement.
  • Teaches new skills, practices and guidance to others routinely.
  • Enforces secure coding standards throughout a team.
  • Debugs basic configuration issues and build pipeline issues in a local environment.
  • Modifies or manages build pipelines where needed.
  • Participates in security reviews, and security testing exercises.



  • B.S. in Computer Science, Management of Information Systems, or equivalent degree and/or work experience.


  • Minimum 8 years in technical roles in Engineering disciplines.


  • Advanced certifications preferred but not required.


  • Ability to meet deadlines with a high degree of motivation
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work individually as well as collaboratively


  • Employer Paid Health, Vision, Dental 
  • 401 (K) Plan with Employer Matching 
  • Competitive Bonus Structure 
  • Employer Paid Life Insurance and Disability Insurance 
  • Generous Paid Time Off Plan 
  • Virtual Employment 
  • Technology Allowance 
  • Vacation Bonus 
  • Paid Office Closure December 24-January 1 
  • Paid Holidays Schedule 
  • Certification Reimbursement
  • Flu Shot Reimbursement 


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