2022 Compliance Benchmark Report

Learn why firms across all industries are prioritizing security compliance more than ever before.  

Know Your Place on the Compliance Landscape

Our second annual Compliance Benchmark Report offers insights into where your organization stands compared to other organizations’ cybersecurity and compliance efforts. We surveyed more than 700 cybersecurity, IT, quality assurance, internal audit, finance, and other professionals about their compliance programs to understand their organization’s position when it comes to compliance, and how they are responding to increasing cybersecurity threats.

In this report, you’ll find industry benchmarks, an analysis of key findings, a deep dive on compliance drivers by industry, and best practices that any organization can use to improve their compliance program in 2022 and beyond.

Key Insights

Organizations Bolster Cybersecurity Defenses Against Ransomware and Cyberattacks

2021 was the most disruptive year regarding ransomware attacks. Aside from last year’s headline cyberattacks, there were thousands of instances of organizations falling victim to some form of ransomware attack. Approximately 40% of our survey respondents say they intend to implement a ransomware preparedness plan.

As ransomware becomes even more prevalent and sophisticated, many organizations are taking greater care to put carefully designed plans in place to help prevent attacks and reduce the potential damage if (or when) an attack occurs.

There’s a clear consensus that ransomware is a serious threat, and one that becomes even more pressing as global conflicts and threats of cyber warfare become more evident. As we often say, it’s not about “if” an incident will occur but “when.”

  40% of our survey respondents said they plan to develop a ransomware preparedness plan

Additional Key Insights

Zero Trust Grabs the Spotlight as an Essential Cybersecurity Strategy.
Over half of respondents (58%) agree/strongly agree that zero trust is a strategy they must implement in the next 12 months.

Companies are Wasting Time and Money by Not Consolidating Audits.
Only 15% of organizations practice audit consolidation. 85% conduct two or more audits annually. 65% use two or more auditors.

Proactive Compliance Management Creates Value and Earns New Business.
22% of respondents said they lost a new business deal due to a missing compliance certification.

Explosive Adoption of Audit Software Used to Assist Compliance Efforts.
72% of organizations are using some form of software during their audits and assessments, up from 25% last year.

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