Why a Pen Test Should Be Part of Your SOC 2 Plan

We’re all trying to stretch our budgets and conserve our time, and that’s exactly why penetration testing is so often built into an organization’s SOC 2 audit process. In this webinar we talk about why this approach saves money and time, and often leads to an overall better outcome.

This recorded Q&A features A-LIGN’s resident “ethical hacker” and pen testing expert, Joseph Cortese, who sets the record straight on why organizations should consider adding penetration testing to their SOC 2 audit and answers the questions that you care about.

Cybersecurity & Privacy

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In this webinar, we share the benefits of including a Pen Test with your SOC 2 and how it can help meet Trust Service Criteria requirements.


Learn the various benefits of adding a Pen Test to your SOC 2 and how it can help your organization’s security posture beyond the audit.


Including a penetration test with your organization’s SOC 2 audit process can save money, time and lead to an overall better outcome.