5 Easy Steps to Prep for Your First SOC 2 Audit

Companies who get ahead of their SOC 2 audit, before it’s a revenue emergency, find that the process can be much easier than they expected it to be. Your first SOC 2 audit doesn’t need to be overwhelming. In fact, it’s something you can start doing today.

Watch on-demand as Stephanie Oyler-Rankin, head of A-LIGN’s SOC 2 practice, describes the keys to a successful first-time SOC 2 audit. These 5 easy steps – lessons learned over the course of thousands of projects – are designed to be affordable, manageable, and time-bound. We know your resources are spread thin, but doing these easy steps now will help you avoid major headaches later on.

Cybersecurity & Privacy

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Prioritize your top security policies


Schedule key audit tasks to stay on track


Get started with audit automation


Start small and grow as your business dictates


Choose a partner, not just an auditor