The A-lign R3 Framework

"myMatrixx partnered with A-lign for our SSAE 16 report
and HIPAA gap assessment process. They have been
an invaluable partner in helping us establish and maintain
our compliance and governance initiatives."

"Genesis Direct has realized increased revenue and
improved customer satisfaction due to our SOC 2
compliance. Our long-standing relationship with A-lign
has brought us to a higher level of business effectiveness
and keeps up moving in a positive direction."

"Our board and clients were extremely happy with the
quality and level of detail provided in A-lign's inaugural
SOC 1 report. A-lign’s professional and expert staff both
expanded on our description of controls and efficiently produced
a final report in less than half the time it took our former audit firm."

"enVista engaged A-lign after an extensive search to perform
our SSAE 16 assessment. A-lign’s team worked closely and
professionally with our team offering excellent guidance and
advice. We look forward to our continued partnership."

""GRM has engaged A-lign for the last 4 years, providing reports
necessary to verify GRM complies with the security and confidentiality
requirements within our industry.
GRM partnered with A-lign for our SSAE 16 report and HIPAA gap
assessment process. A-lign has been an invaluable partner in helping
us establish and maintain our compliance and governance initiatives."

"We are a high tech data center requiring successful audits
in order to meet customer contractual requirements. Both audits
were successfully performed. They were detailed and accurately
reflected our company’s adherence to standards."

"This is the second year we have utilized A-lign to complete
our SOC 2 audit. All staff members have always met the deadlines
as promised, performed outstanding work, have been extremely organized
and obviously very knowledgeable in this arena. Not only will we continue to
utilize A-lign for these services but we would readily serve as a reference should
this ever be needed."

"Agio has consistently partnered with A-lign for our SSAE 16
reports, and we will continue our successful partnership as Agio
expands. A-lign’s hands on approach and expertise has helped us
maintain and grow our compliance and governance policies, which are
paramount to our firm and our client base. Superior customer service and
knowledgeable staff result in a very smooth auditing experience."

"Switching to A-lign Security and Compliance Services as our Qualified
Security Assessor for PCI DSS compliance was absolutely the right decision
for us. I have found A-lign to be proactive, responsive, easy to
work with, attentive to schedules and timetables, and willing to go the extra mile to be
that valuable business partner we had originally sought."

"We recently switched to A-lign for SSAE 16 audit work
and have been thrilled with their performance. They have
saved us time and money and been a pleasure to work with.
All the staff is knowledgeable and professional. I would highly
recommend A-lign to anyone."

"After completing our SOC 2 examination, we were audited by one of
our clients.With the thorough examination and report provided by A-lign,
we were not only able to reduce the time a customer audit typically took, but
we were also well prepared. We are impressed with the value the SOC 2 brought
to our organization and so are our clients."

"When the decision was made to obtain our SSAE 16 Type 2, PCI DSS
and ISO 27001 attestations, A-lign was chosen due to the experience they
have not only in the securityauditing space but in credit and collections. A-lign
was very helpful in assisting our company in obtaining the attestations. I know we
would have made it through the processes, but A-lign made them much less painful
than anticipated. We will use no company other than A-lign for our security audits."

“When selecting an auditing service you usually only get to pick 2 of 3: Fast or
Accurate or Reasonably Priced. With A-lign we have been able to enjoy all three
attributes. We are fast growing and we keep expanding our scope adding additional
audit frameworks, locations around the globe and new services and A-lign keeps up
and exceeds our expectations. Our clients depend on the accuracy and details that are
provided in these audits and without exception, they have all been acceptable to our clients.”

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