A-LIGN’s Customized GDPR Packages

A-LIGN’s Customized GDPR Packages

Experience customized solutions from A-LIGN with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) packages designed to assist you on your path to becoming GDPR compliant. A-LIGN’s team of privacy experts have designed packages to help organizations understand their obligations regarding the GDPR, whether they are unsure of how to get started or have a clear organizational vision.

Why GDPR Matters

The GDPR aims to enhance the protection of personal data of European Union (EU) residents. The GDPR not only impact organizations within the EU, but also any organization that processes the personal data of EU residents.

Failure to comply with the Articles outlined within the GDPR may not only present a reputational risk for organizations, but also the potential for the following enforcement actions:

  • Restricted access to data
  • EU Commission-directed data protection audits
  • Fines up to €20,000,000 or 4% of annual worldwide revenue

A-LIGN’s Customized GDPR Packages

To help organizations meet the regulatory requirements, the A-LIGN team has developed customized GDPR packages that fit the unique needs of any organization.

GDPR Workshop

The GDPR workshop is ideal for organizations who are unsure of how GDPR may impact them and are seeking the assistance of privacy experts. The following is included in the GDPR workshop package:

  • Full-day workshopping session: This workshopping session will be an introduction to the basics of privacy, GDPR and related privacy regulations.
  • High-level identification of GDPR-covered data: Through interviews and conversations with an organization’s staff, A-LIGN will identify the data that would be covered under GDPR.
  • High-level gap assessment and analysis: Once the data has been identified, the A-LIGN team will conduct a high-level gap assessment and analyze the areas that could potential require remediation to comply with GDPR.

Following the workshop, the organization will receive a document summarizing the GDPR-covered data, gap assessment and analysis.

GDPR Assessment

For organizations looking for more robust GDPR reporting, A-LIGN offers a full GDPR assessment package, which includes:

  • Gap Assessment: A-LIGN’s gap assessment includes a review of your organizations existing policies and procedures to meet the relevant requirements of the GDPR. The gap assessment identifies and ranks your organization’s gaps by risk level, providing your organization with a clear path to begin remediation and a roadmap towards compliance with the GDPR.
  • Data Mapping: A-LIGN’s team will conduct interviews with the key organization members from Human Resources to Information Technology to understand that data processing activities that expose your organization to the GDPR pursuant to Article 30. The data mapping exercise deliverable is detailed mapping of data processing activities and the controls that your organization has in place to meet its requirements under the GDPR.

Following the assessment, the organization will receive a full gap assessment report and data processing activity mapping document, as well as the workshop documentation.

Enterprise GDPR Solutions

For enterprise-level organizations, there is no ‘one-size fits all’ package. That’s why A-LIGN has developed customized enterprise solutions, which can include the following:

  • GDPR Workshop and Assessment Packages
  • GDPR Advisory Services: Your organization requires customized privacy solutions powered by A‑LIGN’s GDPR advisory services. A privacy expert will work with your team to understand how privacy impacts your business and architect solutions that fit your needs.
  • Policy and Procedure Development: Privacy doesn’t happen by accident, which is why A-LIGN’s experts will work with your organization to develop policies and procedures that bridge and remediate gaps and build a culture of privacy by design.

Not seeing the privacy service you’re looking for? A-LIGN’s privacy team can build a customized package for your unique needs, including services like privacy impact assessments.