How Organizations Can Streamline and Consolidate Compliance Audits

With the cost of cybercrime skyrocketing, now is the time for organizations to enhance their cybersecurity programs. The best way to find gaps in protection comes from completing multiple security audits but it can be cumbersome for organizations to manage multiple audit processes. Enter, audit consolidation!  

By consolidating multiple audits into a single process, organizations save time and resources while increasing efficiency. In our graphic below, our experts breakdown how organizations can best streamline the multiple audit process. 

A LIGN Audit Consolidation Infographic
A LIGN Audit Consolidation Infographic 0 1 Final

Building Your Master Audit Plan

The majority of organizations complete two to three separate audits per year. Creating a master audit plan (MAP) will save your organization time and money by streamlining the audit process and increasing efficiency. 

A-LIGN works with organizations throughout the entire audit process, from readiness to report, across multiple security compliance frameworks. Our team of auditing experts will ensure your MAP scales with your business and reflects the evolution of your personal audit process. 

Ready to create a MAP and begin consolidating your audits? Contact one of our experts to get started today!