Achieving Compliance Has Never Been Easier:

Learn About A-SCEND’s Exciting New Features 

Wednesday, September 28, 2pm ET

This summer A-LIGN launched exciting new features including automated evidence collection, continuous monitoring, and more to A-SCEND, the compliance management platform designed to make the entire audit process easier and more efficient.

Join us on September 28 at 2 PM ET for this informative webinar, where A-LIGN’s Chief Product Officer Scott Schwan will talk through each of A-SCEND’s new features and will highlight how they can improve your next audit experience. 


In this webinar you will:
  • Learn how A-SCEND’s new features will transform your audit preparation
  • See how the new A-SCEND features will save you time and reduce stress
  • Get a demonstration of each new feature available through A-SCEND
  • Hear how A-SCEND’s Automated Evidence Collection and Continuous Monitoring go beyond other audit software solutions
  • Discover what’s next on the A-SCEND Roadmap

Only A-LIGN can bring you automated compliance, with auditor assistance, from readiness to final report. Register today to get a look into the future of compliance.

New A-SCEND Features

Automated Evidence Collection
A-SCEND will automatically collect evidence from your Tech stack and map them to security framework controls 

Continuous Monitoring 
24/7 monitoring and assurance of your security controls 

Enhanced Policy Center  
Quickly fortify your security posture with access to best-in-class policy templates  

Cloud Integrations 
Safely store and transfer audit data between an array of cloud integrations 

And More 

Learn About A-SCEND’s Exciting New Features